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SpectraCarb Stockinette

SpectraCarb™ is a unique tubular stockinette developed specifically for the orthotic and prosthetic industry by Comfort Products. It is a combination of Spectra® and Carbon. Spectra® fiber is one of the world’s strongest and lightest fibers. It is, pound-for-pound, ten times stronger than steel, and more durable than polyester. Spectra is common in body armor and as reinforcement for military boat hulls that need bullet-proof capabilities. Carbon fiber has become common in orthotic and prosthetic applications. It is also used in many other industries where strength, stiffness, light weight, and outstanding fatigue characteristics are important.

SpectraCarb™ has already become a favorite for technicians and practitioners. Technicians appreciate that the material does not itch, while practitioners love the heat-and-relieve characteristics that allow changes in the laminated device with use of a heat gun.

SpectraCarb™ is most commonly used in lay-ups that alternate two layers of SpectraCarb with two layers of Comfort Multi-Size® Nylon until the desired thickness is achieved. Multi-Size® Nylon is recommended for the inner and outer layers for a superb finish.


  • Superb strength in laminations, while maintaining some flexibility
  • When used with Comfort Multi-Size® Stockinette, laminations have a smooth finish that allows for pigmentation
  • Does not itch while working and edges can be buffed
  • Carbon strips can be added to specific areas for complete rigidity
  • Heat and relieve capabilities allow shapes to be modified after laminating without risk of fracturing or delaminating!
  • Ideal for the inner layer of two stage laminations and orthotic applications!



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