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AG Foot Socks

The AG™ Foot Sock from Comfort Products is the sock that you may have seen on our table at some of the trade shows. This sock is made using the same materials and processes as our AG™ Prosthetic Sock. It was originally developed as a promotional tool to allow people who are not amputees to wear the sock and experience the same benefits as an amputee might experience when wearing the AG™ Prosthetic Sock.

If you remember your high school chemistry, you probably know that “Ag” is the Periodic Chart of Elements symbol for silver. Silver has been known for its medical and therapeutic benefits for thousands of years. X-Static® is a trademark of Noble Fiber Technologies. X-Static® fiber has a layer of pure silver permanently bonded to the surface of a textile fiber. This allows the silver to retain all of its natural characteristics. X-Static® eliminates bacteria and athlete’s feet fungus. This is helpful for those with dermatitis or rashes, as the elimination of bacteria will often eliminate these problems. Eliminating bacteria also helps to eliminate odors.

CoolMax® is a trademark of DuPont. CoolMax® has been specifically engineered to keep you dry and comfortable. When the body perspires, CoolMax® moves moisture quickly away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric. It then dries faster than any other fabric available on the market today.

Comfort Products combines X-Static® and CoolMax® in the AG™ Prosthetic Sock and AG™ Foot Sock. The X-Static® silver is actually plaited on the interior of the sock. This allows for all of the silver included in the sock to be placed directly against the skin, which is where it must be in order to be effective.

Take the Comfort Challenge with a pair of AG™ Foot Socks. Take a pair and wear them for several days in a row without laundering them! (OK, so don’t tell your friends you are doing this.) These socks will look and feel just as fresh on the second and third day as they did on the first. By wicking the moisture to the outer layer of the sock where it can evaporate, the sock will not hold any moisture. By eliminating the bacteria the sock will be odor free and will look and feel fresh all day long.


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