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Silver Liner Sheaths

Designed to wear under any liner without compromising suspension! Silver Liner Sheath™ with the unique advantage of X-Static® silver for solutions to many of the problems common to many liner wearers. Silver Liner Sheaths are reinforced for greater wear resistance and durability. A unique mesh design stretches to conform to any shape while allowing ventilation. The top is shorter than our traditional sheaths, which allows the wearer to receive the full benefits of silver without interfering with the design characteristics of the liner.


  • Anti-odor inhibits bacteria growth, neutralizes ammonia proteins
  • Antimicrobial eliminates odor causing bacteria and fungus
  • All natural safe and non-toxic. Contains no added chemicals
  • Thermodynamic cooler in summer, warmer in winter
  • Therapeutic high conductive performance for more comfort
  • Anti-Static has very high electrical conductivity



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The perfect solution for amputees who are experiencing skin problems underneath a liner.