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ComforGel Sheaths

The ComforGel™ Sheath combines the benefits of a traditional sheath with the comfort offered by gel for below knee applications. This durable sheath is a traditional sheath on the outside and has gel with medical grade mineral oil on the inside! The specially formulated gel helps to keep the skin soft and smooth. The ComforGel™ Sheath offers great stretch, which allows conformity to irregular shapes.


  • For below knee applications
  • Gel impregnated with medical grade mineral oil
  • Durable sheath on the outside
  • Specially formulated gel helps to keep skin soft and smooth
  • Great stretch for conforming to irregular shapes
  • Approximate 3 ply thickness
  • Total sheath length of 14”
  • Gel length of 9”
  • Conveniently available in one size to fit most BK amputees



Download PDF Flyer

Keep your skin soft and smooth with the ComforGel Sheath.