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SoftWick Half Socks 1

softwick half

If you have ever received that call late on a Saturday night, you will never forget it. You cut off an old sock and put a hole in the distal end so that you could fill in some volume distally on your patient’s liner. Then the sock unraveled late on a Saturday night and your patient could not get out of their prosthesis, so they called you. Sound familiar?

The SoftWick™ Prosthetic Half Sock™ from Comfort Products is the solution to this problem with managing distal volume. The distal hole is knit right into the sock to ensure a proper fit, without unraveling, every time. The CoolMax® and Lycra construction stretches to accommodate a multitude of shapes. Four sizes ensure a proper fit for almost any application. The color band knit into each sock allows easy size identification.

Features of the SoftWick™ Prosthetic Half Sock™ include:
  • Manages distal volumesoftwick half single
  • Stretches to accommodate various shapes
  • Four sizes available
  • Color band for easy identification


Also available by Special Order without a hole!

 Size and Part Numbers

softwick half sock chart 1