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Private Labeled Diabetic Socks

Are you a business that does not offer Diabetic Socks because they are not reimbursable by Medicare? If so, why are you sending your diabetic shoe patient to a local department store to buy a poorly designed sock? If they are going to purchase a sock anyway, why not have them purchase a Diabetic Sock from you that can offer significant benefits? Many socks that are available on the market today not only offer no benefits for the diabetic patient, but can actually harm the foot.

Comfort offers five different styles of Diabetic Socks. Each style is designed to offer significant benefits for the particular needs of every diabetic patient.

With three different adult sizes, along with a wide range of fashionable colors in all styles, you can be assured of a perfect solution for every diabetic patient that visits your facility!

No two businesses are the same. Success requires companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors. It is essential that customers remember you and return when they want to make additional purchases. These basic business principals led Comfort Products to offer facilities Comfort Private Labeled Diabetic Socks. These socks have wrappers that show your company name and logo, along with your phone number for the patient to call to order more! Show you care with your own private brand of diabetic socks.

Contact us for more information and pricing. A minimal one time set-up charge for artwork applies, along with a small upcharge over the standard price of our Comfort Diabetic Socks. We keep it simple so that you can look good and help your patients feel good!

Your Opportunity

  • Increase the benefits available to your diabetic patients
  • Increase the exposure of your business
  • Increase your cash sales



Download PDF Flyer

Custom retail displays and product flyers with your name and logo also available!