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Traditional Wool, Cotton and Silkoline

Traditional Prosthetic Socks from Comfort Products have characteristics unique to the type of yarn used to manufacture each of the Traditional Socks. Each of the Comfort Products Traditional Prosthetic Socks are manufactured to the same high quality standards as all of the products that carry our name. These socks are manufactured by Comfort Products using only the highest quality materials available to ensure that your patient receives the best product that is possible to manufacture. A wide range of sizes and plys in each of the different styles of these socks means that there is a Comfort Products Traditional Prosthetic Sock that is ideal for any amputee.

Comfort Products can also do custom manufacturing of any of our socks. Our knitting technicians have many years of experience with custom knitted prosthetic socks and stand ready to handle your particular special request. We know and understand that each product we manufacture is intended to help improve the quality of life for an amputee. We accept that responsibility and take it very seriously.

Available Materials

100% Virgin Wool Traditional Prosthetic Socks From Comfort Products are still a favorite of many amputees. The high quality wool allows amputees to experience wool’s unique combination of warmth, absorbency, insulation, resilience, texture and versatility. Wool can absorb up to 1/3 of its weight in moisture without becoming damp. Moisture can then evaporate into the air, helping to keep bodies cool and acting as a “natural air conditioner”. 
White Cotton Traditional Prosthetic Socks From Comfort Products are still the choice of many amputees. Cotton is still considered by many to be the most comfortable, versatile and durable of all fibers, either natural or man-made. Cotton is also absorbent with good strength and is machine washable. White Cotton Traditional Prosthetic Socks from Comfort Products are manufactured using only the finest cotton available. 
Silkoline Traditional Prosthetic Socks From Comfort Products have their own unique appeal. Silkoline is Mercerized Cotton with all of the characteristics of standard cotton, including absorbency and good strength. However, Mercerized Cotton is given additional finishing processes to offer more luster, strength, and receptiveness. 


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All Comfort Products Traditional Prosthetic Socks are available with a vulcanized 3S hole. Please ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives for more information.