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Super Shear Gel 1

super shear gel

Comfort Products Super Shear™ Gel Liner is an ideal solution to provide relief over bony prominent areas, or to give a slight improvement in socket fit. Just roll the liner onto the distal end of the residual limb. The mineral oil in the Super Shear™ Gel Liner will also help with minor skin problems. Available in three sizes to fit virtually any residual limb.

Features of the Super Shear™ Gel Liner include:
  • Rolls on and off the residual limb with easesuper shear gel single
  • One ply equivalent thickness when rolled on
  • Two gel liners per package
  • Three widths to accommodate virtually any size
  • Super Shear™ Gel Liners are 14” long
  • Can easily be trimmed to shorter lengths


Conveniently available in pairs and very affordable!

 Size and Part Numbers

super shear gel chart 1